Amish Furniture of Bristol is Your Source for One-of-a-Kind Seasonal Decor

Are you bored with mass-produced holiday decorations? Tired of giving gifts that have no personal charm or don’t stand out? Now is the perfect time to pay a visit to Amish Furniture of Bristol to take advantage of their upcoming Thanksgiving sale, which will help you find the perfect gifts for everyone on your list this season, along with a few treats for yourself as well!


During our Thanksgiving Sale, which is taking place from Nov. 20th to 27th, you’ll be able to stock up on everything from seasonal crafts to dining room furniture in Bucks County at an additional 25% off our everyday low prices.


We’ll be open from 9 am to 4 pm on Mon. Nov. 20th and Tues. Nov. 21th, and we’ll be extending our hours to 9 am to 5 pm on Wed. Nov. 22th. While we’ll be closed for Thanksgiving, we will be open on Black Friday from 9 am to 7 pm!


At Amish Furniture of Bristol, we pride ourselves on breaking away from the mass-produced feel of most decorations and crafts on the market by offering you seasonal specialties, gorgeous locally-sourced wall art, and handcrafted furniture in Bucks County. These items will perfectly encapsulate the rustic feel of days gone by in your home or the homes of anyone you’re sending a gift to this holiday season.


Our products are handcrafted and made to enhance the warmness of one’s home. Whether you’re looking to get some early holiday shopping done or searching for a new piece of furniture for your upcoming Thanksgiving dinner, Amish Furniture of Bristol is here to help you find everything you’re looking for.


If you’re interested in learning more about Amish Furniture of Bristol, feel free to give us a call at 215-664-8926 ext. 110 or browse our website!

Details about Our Upcoming Thanksgiving Sale

Are you looking for unique and one-of-a-kind gifts to give your loved ones this winter holiday season? Now is a great time to check out the beautiful handcrafted furniture in the Philadelphia, PA area found at Amish Furniture of Bristol.


During our Thanksgiving Sale from Nov. 20 to 27, our inventory will be an additional 25% off our everyday low prices, which are already up to 20% off suggested retail prices. This sale is the best time to get some early shopping out of the way and to get the best prices on custom furniture in Bucks County


If you’ve been thinking about how to give your home a more personal touch, the answer might be your furniture! Far too often, the furniture we put in our home just isn’t reflective of our personalities. It’s usually mass-produced and does little to speak to who we are and what we’d like our homes to feel like.


Our furniture at Amish Furniture of Bristol retains its individual personality and hometown flavor because it’s handcrafted in your own community. When you purchase an armoire, dining room set, table or cabinet from Amish Furniture of Bristol, you’re not only supporting your local community, but you’re also buying a unique piece of long-lasting furniture.


We even have special hours for the week of Thanksgiving. We will be open from 9 am to 4 pm on Mon. Nov. 20 and Tues. Nov. 21. We are extending our hours from 9 am to 5 pm on Wed. Nov. 22. We will be closed on Thanksgiving, but are extending our standard Friday hours until 7 pm on Black Friday.


You can learn more about our Thanksgiving Sale and check out our current selection of special and individual pieces, we encourage you to browse our inventory online or give us a call at 215-664-8926 ext. 110.


3 Bedroom & Living Room Sets Perfect for Fall

With the end of summer upon us, the beautiful fall weather is certainly right around the corner. However, the great fall weather is always followed by the grueling winter chill. Once the temperatures drop below 50 degrees, many people start to find any excuse not to leave the house. One more convincing reason to not leave the house this winter is comfortable bedroom and living room furniture.


Outside of the bitter cold quickly approaching, Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. Yes, they are months away, but we know how quickly the holidays can sneak up on us. If you are the brave hero to host your family over for the holidays, you may want to consider getting some comfortable and fitting furniture for your livings so that the adults can relax while the rugrats run wild. There is no better place to shop for elegant, handcrafted furniture than Amish Furniture of Bristol.


Some of the living room and bedroom furniture collections we offer residents in Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding areas include the following:


Keystone Collections – The Keystone Collection, handcrafted in Myerstown, PA by local Mennonite craftsmen, truly epitomizes quality and value in fine furniture. The Keystone Collection has many different styles including traditional, urban, Shaker, Mission, estate and country style. All of which are available in a variety of finishes.


Country Classic Collection – Manufactured by the Amish in Lancaster County, PA, Country Classic Collection prides themselves on high-quality, hardwood furniture that brings plenty of value and design. With high-quality designs when it comes to dining room suites, bedroom furniture, hall tables, coffee tables, end tables and bookcases in Mission-style design, Country Classic Collection is among one of the best choices for bedroom and living room furniture.


Lancaster Legacy – With choices of Mission, Shaker and country Amish designs, Lancaster Legacy Collection is a premier choice of fall furniture. Designed, manufactured and finished in Lancaster County, PA, Lancaster Legacy furniture is sure to last for generations. Making it a dependable gift to pass down from generation to generation.


No matter what collection you choose, you can depend on the quality craftsmanship of the living room and bedroom furniture that we supply you and other customers near Cherry Hill, NJ and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn more about our wide variety of furniture!

Several Styles That Can Upgrade Any Dining Room

Our mission here at Amish Furniture of Bristol is to provide our customers with beautiful furniture that is going to last. Selling our products at an affordable price is important. Anyone that is looking for Amish Furniture in Cherry Hill, NJ will not need to look any further than our company!

As the summer months wind down, it is time to get a jump on the holiday season and begin preparing. Whether you are having the kids come home or are having the entire extended family over, we can help any room look more appealing. We believe that the dining room is one of the most essential rooms in a home, and there is no better way to enjoy having company over than sitting around an American Amish table.

Here are a few of the different styles that we provide that will look great in any dining room this holiday season:

Mission Style – This style provides a conservative appearance to any room, and homeowners will love it because of its durability. This timeless style also includes hall furniture, benches, and even entertainment centers. These can be purchased in oak or cherry wood with many different staining options.

Contemporary Style – Our contemporary style is one of our most popular styles, and it will undoubtedly have people wanting to come back over and relax at your house. While it makes for a great table and chairs set, there is much more that it has to offer including end tables, corner cabinets, hutches, and much more that will have your guests talking about your house hours after they head home.

 Custom-Made Furniture – If one of the other styles aren’t exactly what you are looking for, then perhaps you would like to go the custom route. Our team of experienced builders can create any piece of furniture the way you want it done so you can have the dining room of your dreams.

If you are interested in handcrafted furniture in Bucks County, then you should give us a call at 215-664-8926.

3 Dining Room Sets Perfect for the Holidays

We may currently be in the midst of summer, but before you know it, fall will be rolling in along with the holidays. There is no better way to spend Thanksgiving or any other meal than around a brand new table, and luckily, Amish Furniture of Bristol can provide dining room furniture for those living in Camden County or any of the surrounding areas.

The dining room is one of the most sacred areas in your home since it is where families get together after a long day at work or school. Being surrounded around the table together is essential for any family, and we are happy to offer a large selection of options. While being together is already a pleasure, talking and eating on a beautiful new table will undoubtedly make the experience more enjoyable.

For years, we have been supplying customers with many different styles of furniture to fit their homes, and we only use the finest quality wood. As the holiday season approaches us, it is a good idea to begin looking for a new dining room table so that your family can begin enjoying your meals even more.

Some of the collections we offer include the following:

Country Classic Collection – This line consists of quality, Amish hardwood furniture that brings value with affordable prices. The items from this line are with the Mission-style furniture that we sell, and consist of dining room suites, coffee tables, end tables and much more.

Lancaster Legacy Simply Crafted – This next line is built to last for generations and features Mission, Shaker and Amish styles. Lancaster Legacy also offers an extensive amount of finishing options and custom color matching. 

Rhythm – Each dining room needs a little extra flare to it, and Rhythm Clock Manufacturer can provide just that. These unique timepieces are above the competition because of the development of state-of-the-art features. The features meet the needs of today’s lifestyle with unexpected motion and excellent sound quality. 

Anyone interested in buying new bedroom furniture in Philadelphia, PA or wants more information on any of our products should call 215-664-8926, or visit for more information.

How To Keep Your Furniture Clean

Here at Amish Furniture of Bristol, we can help bring beauty to any room in a house with our incredible American-made Amish furniture. If you are living in the Philadelphia, PA area and are looking for bedroom furniture, you will love our various collections.

We understand that each family has a different style, and that is why we have several collections available. From contemporary to mission, we guarantee that we have pieces that will fit any room in your home.

Our goal is to provide our customers with top-quality products and also make their home one that they love. After you take your furniture home from our showroom, it is important to take care of it. There are several key tips to keeping finishes looking brand new, and they include:

Control Your Environment – Furniture responds to changes in temperature by expanding. By keeping the humidity down in your home and keeping it out of the sun, you can help avoid chemical changes with your finish.

Avoid Dry Dusting – Dust that piles up on furniture contains particles that can scratch the surface of your furniture. By removing the dust with a dry cloth, you can change the appearance of furniture by leaving small marks on it. 

Keep It Clean – Cleaning up spills right away with a wet cloth is key to keeping the finish perfect. If you put off cleaning up spills and getting rid of dust, your furniture could be damaged.

Use Easy-Care Products – Never use products that have silicone or ammonia on your furniture. We recommend using lemon oil or similar polishes when cleaning your furniture. If you use wax, be sure to carefully remove all of it before applying new wax.

Now that the weather is warmer, you are probably going to have friends and family over more often. If you are looking for dining room furniture in the Philadelphia, PA region, we are confident that we can find something to fit your home. For more information, call us at 215-664-8926 or fill out a contact form.

Upgrade Your Home During Our 8th Anniversary Sale

This June marks the eighth anniversary for Amish Furniture of Bristol, and we want you to celebrate with us. We will be running a sale of up to 40% off suggested retail prices. The sale will run from Thursday. June 15 through Saturday, June 17.

The possibilities of upgrading your home are endless. Whether you want to update your dining room furniture in Philadelphia, PA, or you are looking for new bedroom furniture in Cherry Hill, NJ, we have exactly what you need to make your home more exciting.

The dining room is one of the most sacred spaces in your home, as it is the room where families come together to share meals. We understand the importance of this room and want to help your family enjoy being together by providing beautiful handmade furniture.

Amish Furniture has been made for hundreds of years and has been desirable among American families based off of the simplistic beauty it adds to homeowners’ property. This style is often referred to as American Folk Style, and it provides durability and functionality for all types of families.

American Folk Style isn’t the only type of furniture that we provide for our customers. Also available during the eighth-anniversary sale is our Mission style furniture, which expresses modern sleekness of exposed adjoining pieces. The Contemporary style is another superb option that will be marked down during the sale. All of the latest trends, styles, and colors are available for purchase.

It is clear that Amish Furniture of Bristol has pieces that will please any family. On top of all of the styles they offer, they also use the finest quality wood, including oak, beech, mahogany, walnut, pine and many others to create custom furniture for your home.

As the weather outside heats up, the eighth-anniversary sale provides the perfect opportunity to finally make renovations in your home. You don’t need to look any further if you are looking for living room furniture in Cherry Hill, NJ or Philadelphia, PA.

Head over to our showroom conveniently located in the Bristol Amish Market to take advantage of the 40% off sale in June, or contact us by calling 215-664-8926 and visiting online at

Which Rooms Are You Ready to Upgrade?

With the return of the warmer weather, it’s time for you to evaluate how you can improve the comfort and functionality of different rooms in your home! To help, here are five areas in which you should hone in on most:  

1. Your kitchen is where your family spends most of their time together, making it the heart of your home. So, just like your heart, you have to keep the “heart of your home” in prime condition to ensure you’re family has a comfortable place to sit down, catch up, share some laughs and, of course, enjoy delicious meals. Whether you need a new kitchen table & chairs, an island, sideboard or bench, we offer the best hardwood furniture right here at our showroom!

Keystone Collections

2. When you buy dining room furniture near Philadelphia, PA from Amish Furniture of Bristol, you’ll provide family, friends and guests with an incredibly comfortable space, where they can connect with one another and enjoy each other’s company during holidays and other special occasions. Rest assured, our sets are available in a variety of finishes; all of which boast the same level of functionality, style and durability as every other piece built by our talented Amish and Mennonite craftsmen!

3. Your living room is where you kickback and unwind after a long day of work. It’s your solace; a safe haven away from all the commotion and excitement of everyday life. Whether you want a new recliner, sectional or even a reclining sofa, we’ve got it all! Maximize the “relaxation-potential” of this area of your home, so you always have a therapeutic space where you can unravel and rest up for the demanding tasks that lie ahead.

4. Offering the greatest selection of bedroom furniture in Bucks County, Amish Furniture of Bristol has everything you’re looking for, from bedframes and dressers to chests, nightstands and more! Boasting exceptional strength and style, any of the collections in our showroom will work to add a bold element to the overall interior design of your bedroom. Don’t make the mistake of buying a cheap piece from a mainstream manufacturer. Purchasing our handcrafted, hardwood furniture will turn out to be one of the best decisions you’ve made for both yourself and your home!

Eden Craft

5. Chances are, you spend a lot of time working in your office. So, if this is the case for you, check out our Cedar Ridge Furniture Collection, which features beautiful, handcrafted desks, chests, storage cabinets, filing cabinets and more! Even if you’re not the CEO, you’ll sure as heck feel like one when you upgrade your office with the finest hardwood furniture around! We are all products of our environments; so, step your game up with the right pieces and get that inspiration you need to reach the very top!

If you’re looking for kitchen, dining room, office, bedroom or living room furniture in Bucks County, make sure you check out the amazing showroom at Amish Furniture of Bristol this weekend!

4 Reasons to Buy Handcrafted Furniture for Your Home this Spring

handcrafted furniture philadelphia pa

Now that spring has finally arrived and the warm weather is returning, it’s time to get started on those home remodeling projects you’ve been talking about forever. Transform your home by adding beautiful pieces of hardwood furniture to your interior design. Here are 4 reasons to buy handcrafted furniture for your home this spring:

1. American made. Every piece of furniture at Amish Furniture of Bristol is built in Amish Country, Lancaster County, PA. While other furniture stores continue to sell pieces that fall apart and quickly degrade over the years, we offer you products that are exceptionally durable and designed to stand the test of time. Our staff wants you to enjoy all the advantages of buying furniture with the classic, “built-to-last” American qualities that have seemingly faded away everywhere else.

2. Handcrafted. The manufacturers who build furniture for Amish Furniture of Bristol demonstrate a fine level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, allowing them to design pieces that all possess their own unique characteristics. Whether you’re trying to buy furniture for your dining room, living room, kitchen or bedroom, there’s no better place to go for the best handcrafted furniture near Philadelphia, PA. Add to the personality of your home this spring with exquisitely designed, original products.

3. Variety. Perhaps you’re looking for a new hardwood dresser, chest and nightstand for your child’s bedroom. Or maybe you’re searching for a brand new table and chairs for your kitchen as you prepare to undergo a remodeling project. Or let’s say you want a new sofa, sectional or recliner for your living room or basement. No matter what you might be looking for to improve the look and feel of your home, you can count on finding something you love at Amish Furniture of Bristol.

4. Custom furniture. If you’d prefer that our craftsmanship build a custom piece for you, all you have to do is give us your measurements and designs, and we’ll get started on bringing your vision to life. Our experts in handcrafted furniture in Bucks County can guide you through the product selection process to ensure we build the right piece for your home. With a commitment to helping you make your house feel more like a “home,” our craftsmen will build furniture for home that will surely impress all your guests.

Check out our showroom to get started on transforming your home this spring!

How Purchasing Country Homestead Improves the Showroom at Amish Furniture of Bristol

Earlier this year, Amish Furniture of Bristol purchased Country Homestead, which means that we’ll now be featuring their complete line of products in our showroom. To help you understand how unique these products truly are, and to give you some insight into what to expect from the addition of Country Homestead, here’s some important information:

  1. Country decor. The wide selection of country decor added to our showroom features beautiful prints of country and primitive art that mimic original canvas paintings. These pieces are bordered with distinct black frames without glass. The artwork includes depictions of alluring landscapes, majestic wildlife and relaxing ocean scenes.

Perhaps you’d like to find an inspiring picture of the beach for your vacation home. Or maybe you’re interested in creative artwork for your lake house. Or let’s say you’re looking for a framed canvas that reflects the tranquil, country lifestyle of years gone by. In any case, you’ll certainly find something that goes along with the theme of your home at Amish Furniture of Bristol.   

  1. Battery candles. Hand-waxed in the heart of Lancaster County, PA, all our flameless “MC Candles” have a special country appearance that provides a soothing, cozy flicker and adds an ideal level of illumination to your home. All our flameless “MC Candles” come with 6-hour timers built into them that are used to turn the candle on and off every day.

These products are great for the holiday season and colder months, as they help to make your home “look” and “feel” warmer. You’ll have a wide variety of colors and sizes to choose from, making it easy for you to find a flameless candle that best suits your home’s interior design. Above all, since these candles are, in fact, “flameless,” you won’t ever have to worry about the possibility of a fire if left unattended.

  1. Furniture. Whether you’re looking for American-made hardwood furniture for your dining room or bedroom—or you’re interested in a kitchen island, corner cabinet, jelly cabinet, coffee table or end table—Amish Furniture of Bristol will now have an even larger selection of those pieces after combining with Country Homestead!

Any of these American-made pieces of hardwood furniture can be used to transform the comfort and appearance of your living space. When you buy high-quality furniture that has been built by the talented craftsman in heart of Amish Country, you can have confidence in knowing they’ll stand strong for many years to come.

Don’t wait any longer to check out all the unique products found at Amish Furniture of Bristol’s showroom! Visit their location at 498 Green Lane in Bristol, PA 19007, call 215-664-8926 x 110 or explore our website to learn more.