5 Tips for Furnishing Your First Home

Purchasing furniture for your first apartment or home can be a daunting task. How can you tell where you should invest your money, and where to save?

At Amish Furniture of Bristol, a leading provider of handcrafted furniture near Cherry Hill, NJ, we compiled a list of five tips on how to furnish your new space without breaking the bank!


  • Get rid of everything you’re looking to replace. Before you start shopping for furniture, decide what you already own that isn’t worth taking along with you. If you’re still hanging onto your old futon or broken plastic chairs from your days in college, it’s time to let go.


  • Invest in the classics. Investing in well-made, high-quality basic pieces might seem like a splurge now, but you’ll be able to hold onto these items for much longer than you would if you go the cheap route, saving you money in the long term. Kitchen tables, bed frames and chairs that are handmade (like those available from Amish Furniture of Bristol) can last a lifetime, and will never lose their style!


  • Add a pop of color with affordable accessories. If your home needs a little bit more personality, look around for affordable accessories like vases, picture frames and area rugs that can be personalized to your taste.


  • Search for specials. Don’t be afraid to look through the bargain bin for decorations and accessories for your home! Many stores deeply discount out-of-season furniture when they receive a new set to make room in their showroom, which means double the furniture for you!


  • Consider lighting concerns. When choosing your curtains, think about the position of your windows and where the sun will rise. For example, if you’re not an early riser, but you have a window facing east, blackout curtains will be a smart investment for your situation.


If you’re looking for quality furniture that won’t be out of style next season, you have to visit Amish Furniture of Bristol. Browse our website to learn more about our selection of bedroom furniture near Levittown, PA today!


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