Discover the Perfect Handcrafted Gift for Mother’s Day!

Are you looking for a Mother’s Day present? Don’t settle for flowers and a card. Instead, give a gift that will last. At Amish Furniture of Bristol, we offer a wide selection of American-made home goods and handcrafted furniture near Pottstown, PA.

Here are a few of our fantastic gift options!

Stunning Stiffel Lamps

Like many of the products in our store, Stiffel lamps are hand-crafted by artisans. This innovative brand has created sophisticated lamps using the finest materials since the early 20th century. Each Stiffel lamp has solid brass sockets, high-quality plating and an inspired design. They are truly works of art.

Fragrant Crossroads Candles

Crossroads candles come in 72 premium fragrances and are made with clean burning, blended paraffin wax. They are brightly-colored and look lovely on a shelf. Scents include favorites like Dockside Breeze, Mama’s Sweet Tea and Hot Apple Pie.

Elegant Rhythm Clocks

When you explore our selection of Rhythm Clocks, you will discover state-of-the-art features, unexpected motion, excellent quality of sound, and beautiful styles. The Joyful Morning alarm clock will wake you up with one of four hymns. The WSM Rembrandt features elegant woodwork with a rich espresso stain. The Angel Blossom timepiece rotates at the top of the hour to reveal angels and six stunning crystals.

Handcrafted Furniture

We offer American-made Amish furniture that will suit any home and any room. You might choose:

  • A Mission-style table to complement a traditional family room
  • A convertible crib that will grow with a new baby
  • A contemporary dining room set for a modern household

All of this handcrafted furniture is built to last and sold at an affordable price. Their beauty and functionality ensure that they will always be treasured.

Create Your Own Custom Furniture!

Sometimes, no matter how you search, you just can’t find the right gift. That’s why Amish Furniture of Bristol allows you to order custom furniture. You choose every detail of this one-of-a-kind present. For example, our manufacturers could build a shaker-style living room furniture set near Camden County that uses a warm Brown Maple wood and simple steel hardware.

Would you like to find out more about our unique Mother’s Day gifts? Visit our location in the Bristol Amish Market or give us a call at 215-664-8926 (ext. 110).

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