Specialty Items Foyer Furniture

CVW Mission Deacon’s Bench
CVW Mission Deacon’s Bench with Leather Seat
CVW Mission Wall Mirror
CVW Mission Wall Hanger
CVW Craftsmen Hall Seat with Storage
MC Deacon Bench
ELM Mission Storage Bench
ELM Mission Large Storage Bench
ELM Mission Deacon’s Bench
ELM Mission Deacon’s Storage Bench
ELM Mission Hall Tree
ELM Mission Hat Rack
ELM Mission Hat Rack
ELM Mission Hat Rack
ELM Mission Hall Table with Mirror
CTP Bucket Bench
CTP Hall Bench
CTP Hall Bench
SH Mission Hall Bench

Specialty Items Hall Trees

CVW Mission Clothes Tree
MC Hall Trees
ELM Mission Clothes Tree
ET Hall Tree - Reeded

Specialty Items Quilt Holders

CVW Mission Quilt Rack
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