How to Choose the Right Dining Room Table

The dining room table provides opportunities for family and friends to get together and share not only meals but stories, jokes and to catch up with other. Therefore, it comes as no surprise people pay much attention to choose the right dining room table for their homes. Before you are lured into buying a dining table that is not much use to you practically, make sure to keep these factors in mind:

What’s Your Style?

Reflect on your lifestyle. How and where you use your dining table defines your style and sheds light on the way your dining table should be. Will the table serve as an extension of your family room or kitchen, used for creating your art-crafts or for your children’s homework? Ideally a casual table with a tough surface for durability works best for families with kids. In case, you are seeking a dining table to complement a formal dining room, go for an ornate table with a glossy finish. Also, take the number and kind of guests you invite to your home for dinners into consideration before buying the right dining table.

How Big It Should Be?

Do you have a big family? May be you are just a couple but you are fond of throwing dinners or parties. Whatever the case may be, think like Goldilocks. Do you want a table that’s too small to fit your guests or too big for your own family. Most dining tables are sized to serve 8, 12 or even 38 people. If you have enough space for a big table, go for it. Otherwise opt for a table that fits your needs and doesn’t look too big for your dining room.

Do You Prefer A Certain Shape?

For creating an impressive and comfortable dining room ambience, with other factors, the shape of your dining table also plays a crucial role:

  • Square – If you have a square dining room, a square table complements it well. A workable solution for a small family or guest list, two square tables can be joined together for making a rectangular table for special occasions.
  • Rectangular – The most common and desired shape by all, most dining tables are rectangular. Rectangular tables are popular and more flexible as several of these come with leaves that add to their length.
  • Round – If your dining room is small, don’t worry. A round table doesn’t hurt your dining space and looks good to the eyes. For creating an intimate or cozy setting, a round table is the best choice for serving a small number of people. Don’t choose a large roundtable, as it would make the guests feel too far apart from each other.
  • Oval – Similar to a rectangular table, an oval table takes up less space visually owing to its rounded corners. This makes oval tables a popular choice for narrow or small rooms. They often come with leaves for extending the capacity to fit more people.

During the holiday season, dining table sales go up considerably. If you are planning to buy a dining table this holiday season, make sure you keep the abovementioned tips in mind.

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