How to Refurbish Your Old Wooden Furniture

At Amish Furniture of Bristol, we offer a wide selection of handcrafted furniture near Philadelphia, PA. Our quality pieces can last for generations — but we understand that life happens. If your wooden furniture has become scratched, water stained, worn down or holey over the years, then here are a few clever ways to make your pieces look just as beautiful as the day you bought them!


Erase White Water Stains

A hot cup of coffee can turn into a disaster when it’s placed directly on your wood furniture. To get rid of that unsightly white ring, set an iron to its lowest level with all steam modes turned off. Lay a cloth over the water stain, and gently run the warm iron over it. Move in the same direction with each pass. After several passes, the stain will begin to lift.

Make Scratches Disappear with Tea

If you drink black tea, then this DIY technique is as easy as heating up some water. Let a tea bag sit in a few tablespoons of hot water for two to three minutes. The exact length varies based on the color of your furniture. The darker it is, the longer you need to wait. When your tea matches the shade of your wood, dab it on the scratch with a cotton swab. Make sure to quickly clean off excess liquid with a paper towel to avoid unwanted staining!

Eliminate Old Holes

If your wooden furniture has some old holes that are unnecessary blemishes on its glossy surface, then you can smooth them over in no time at all. First, use real wood as a filler to give the repair a more natural look — a toothpick or skewer will fit perfectly in a nail hole, while a larger item may be necessary for more significant damage. Cover your wooden filler with wood glue, place it inside the hole and sand it all down to a smooth finish.

Use Coconut Oil as a Natural Wood Stain

Your wooden furniture will be as dark and shiny as new once you’ve applied this homemade restorer. All you need is coconut oil and lemon juice. Just dip a cloth in this simple mix, rub a thick coat on your furniture and let it sit for two minutes. Polish the wood with a fresh, clean cloth and check out your furniture’s gorgeous new finish!


Would you like to add more beautiful, handcrafted wooden furniture to your home? Call us today at 215-664-8926 to find out more about our selection of American-made bedroom, kitchen, living room and dining room furniture near Camden County, PA.

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  1. Barbara Schmit

    Great tips! I have a Amish dining table and the spot I have on it I believe was from a hot pan from the stove slipped off of the trivet and dulled and raised the top finish. It is rough to the touch and appears as though the finish bubbled up in one area. The dimensions of this spot is about 4 inches long and 1 inch wide. What can I do with this?

  2. IStoltzfus

    You need to use a product called aerosol retarder

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