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Dining Room Furniture

The dining room is one of most sacred of spaces of the home. After parting ways with family members each morning to go about our days to work and school, the dining room is where we reconvene to unwind, share a meal, tell each other stories and simply be together again. The magic of the dining room isn’t created by the objects we place within its walls, but being surrounded by beautiful handmade furniture certainly enhances the moments we make there every day. That’s what makes our dining room furniture different from bedroom, kitchen or living room furniture. Although, each of those pieces are special in their own regard.


Conveniently located off Route 13 in Bristol, PA, we proudly serve families from throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey:


– Bucks County

– Montgomery County

– Levittown, PA

– Cherry Hill, NJ

– Pottstown, PA

– Camden County, NJ

– Greater Philadelphia


Folks from all over the Delaware Valley turn to Amish Furniture of Bristol because the pieces we carry are simple, yet beautiful, and steeped in hundreds of years of tradition perfecting the art of furniture making. Equal parts legacy and fine craftsmanship, the Amish way of creating dining room furniture evokes the values of the dining room as a whole—truly a family endeavor. Executed by a long line of master craftsmen, fathers have passed down the ways of the craft to their sons for hundreds of years, and today, we’re proud to share our fine works of furniture with the rest of the world.


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What Is Amish Furniture?

The pieces we’ve made for hundreds of years gained widespread desirability among mainstream American families upon their discovering the simplistic beauty in what is known today as the American folk style. If you hold durability and functionality in the highest regard, try a Shaker-style table or hutch. If you like the modern sleekness of exposed adjoining pieces, you’ll probably love Mission style furniture like corner cabinets, chairs and end tables.


Whatever the nuances of your taste are, we’ll help you pick out a beautiful piece that your family will cherish for years to come. We also have a wide selection of contemporary style furniture available.


We only use the finest quality wood when it comes to the furniture we craft. From red and white oak, to beech, mahogany, walnut, pine and many other types in between, the color, weight and style options are virtually endless. We’ll be happy to help you make a piece of custom furniture.


Much like our tradition of passing down woodworking craftsmanship, your family has likely passed down traditions and objects of your own. In many cases, that lineage comes in the form of dinnerware. Maybe you possess your great-grandmother’s porceilainware or silverware—the hutches we’ve built on tradition will perfectly display your pieces that carry a tradition of their own.


We look forward to helping enhance one of the most important spaces in your home with the simple, yet well-made beautify of an Amish dining room piece!


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