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Living Room

The living room is a welcoming and formal room that has been included in any Bucks County, Montgomery County, or Camden County home since the late 19th or early 20th century. It is designed for family members and guests alike to have a cozy and at-home place to sit for warm conversation. This is a room that gathers people to relax and socialize while enjoying your home’s atmosphere. Most typical western homes in Levittown, Cherry Hill, Pottstown, and surrounding areas include furnishings like:


– Sofas

– Chairs

– Tables or coffee tables

– Bookshelves

– Lamps

– Rugs


All types of mission style furniture for your living room and more can be found right here, including custom furniture as well. We can create the most perfect and comfortable reception that Philadelphia has to offer. All of these items and how they appeal to your guests are what makes your house feel like a home.  


In Pennsylvania and New Jersey’s formal homes, the living room is frequently called the front room when it is located in dbbthe front of the house by the main entrance. It can also be called a lounge, parlour, or a sitting room, just as it is called the Lincoln Sitting Room in the White House. This is an area meant to welcome and entertain guests, but it is very often confused with the family room. 


Family Room

The family room is an all-purpose, informal room that has been a staple of any Bucks County, Montgomery County, or Camden County home for as long as most people can remember. The term “family room” actually was coined from George Nelson’s 1945 book Tomorrow’s House, wherein he describes the need for a larger room that can serve the purpose of both social and recreational activities that are not permitted in the living room. These activities can include:


– Talking

– Reading

– Watching television

– Playing with toys

– Playing video games

– And more


A family room in Levittown, Cherry Hill, or Pottstown is usually located adjacent to the kitchen, and more than likely flows into it without any visual breaks. When the family room and the living room are combined to include high ceilings, it is referred to as the “great room”. Family rooms also incorporate doors that lead to the backyard or outside areas like a terrace, deck, or garden walkway.

The function of a family room in Pennsylvania or New Jersey is as a primary space for fun and relaxation. Usually serving multiple functions, a family room is the casual version of the living room, meant to give your family a space just for them. In the family room, you can be yourself; you can share–laughter, tears, good times, bad times, family time, and even “me” time. Regardless of the circumstances, your family room deserves to look good in the process. 


Furnishing Your Living Room or Family Room

At Amish Furniture of Bristol, near Philadelphia, we have anything from contemporary style furniture to traditional. Our mixture of the two truly offers something for everyone, including you and your family. All of our furniture is made in the United States and comes at a bargain. We have a selection of:


– Sofas

– Ottomans

– Chaise lounges

– Chairs

– Benches

– Tables

– Accessories


All of which are able to accommodate any space or family size you are willing to visit us with. We also have bedroom furniture and dining room furniture that is perfect for both yourself and your guests. It is important to have your house appeal to others, but it is also important for your house to feel like home. Come visit us today! 

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  • Upgrade Your Home During Our 8th Anniversary Sale

    This June marks the eighth anniversary for Amish Furniture of Bristol, and we want you to celebrate with us. We will be running a sale of up to 40% off suggested retail prices. The sale will run from Thursday. June 15 through Saturday, June 17.

    The possibilities of upgrading your home are endless. Whether you want to update your dining room furniture in Philadelphia, PA, or you are looking for new bedroom furniture in Cherry Hill, NJ, we have exactly what you need to make your home more exciting.

    The dining room is one of the most sacred spaces in your home, as it is the room where families come together to share meals. We understand the importance of this room and want to help your family enjoy being together by providing beautiful handmade furniture.

    Amish Furniture has been made for hundreds of years and has been desirable among American families based off of the simplistic beauty it adds to homeowners’ property. This style is often referred to as American Folk Style, and it provides durability and functionality for all types of families.

    American Folk Style isn’t the only type of furniture that we provide for our customers. Also available during the eighth-anniversary sale is our Mission style furniture, which expresses modern sleekness of exposed adjoining pieces. The Contemporary style is another superb option that will be marked down during the sale. All of the latest trends, styles, and colors are available for purchase.

    It is clear that Amish Furniture of Bristol has pieces that will please any family. On top of all of the styles they offer, they also use the finest quality wood, including oak, beech, mahogany, walnut, pine and many others to create custom furniture for your home.

    As the weather outside heats up, the eighth-anniversary sale provides the perfect opportunity to finally make renovations in your home. You don’t need to look any further if you are looking for living room furniture in Cherry Hill, NJ or Philadelphia, PA.

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