The Balanced Room…

Attention, class! The lesson on proportion, scale and balance is about to begin. Don’t worry, there is no pop quiz and no homework. The end result is a room that uses accessories to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Many people love to accumulate accessories – mirrors, wall art, lamps, knick-knacks, life-size cutouts of sport stars, you name it. When you use a little (easy) math to choose accessories for each room, the result can have a positive impact on your personal well-being. Too much or too little of a good thing has actually been shown to cause stress symptoms like headaches, jaw-clenching and an agitated state. Yikes!

Variation in scale

One concept that helps balance a room is variation in scale. It’s a pretty easy concept to master. If you have a large entertainment center and a fairly large sofa, you can add some relaxing balance to the room with smaller wall accessories grouped together instead of one larger mirror or one large piece of art. Multiple smaller throw pillows can also offer variation in scale. With two large pieces of furniture in a room, you can also get away with smaller additional pieces of furniture – like end tables and chairs – which provides an opportunity for creativity.

The art of proportion

Another balancing skill is proportion. If you have a cherished table that you want to repurpose as a TV stand, consider the dimensions of both the table and your existing or wished-for TV. Manufacturers will often recommend suitable dimensions for tables that will be home to appliances or lamps as a way to safeguard against items toppling if bumped. Your furniture salesperson is also a good resource. But from a visual standpoint, a large, heavy lamp on a delicate table is a proportional no-no.

Likewise, if you are matching tables to existing furniture, like end tables or a coffee/cocktail table, you’ll want to consider the size of the items relative to each other. An end table that is dwarfed by the chair it’s next to will always seem a little off. Correctly proportioning furniture is something your salesperson excels at, so don’t be shy about asking for help.

Adding layers

Finally, a reason for all your books, knick-knacks, plants and collections. Well, maybe not all of them, but you can add life to a room when you carefully add layers to it. The flatness of all furniture and wall accessories flush against the wall can benefit with a tilt of a chair here, a large vase of silk greenery there. Add a stack of books on an angle on a table or even under a lamp (remember proportion!). Place a large basket with a soft throw hanging over an edge under a large table. A few additions to the room will add dimension and an organized sense of comfort.

The joy of creation

Creating the perfect home space, room by room, brings a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. When you consider scale and proportion to create balance, the result can be a soothing home that offers peace to your family and friends.

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